Musings on the Extravagance of God in Sending Workers to the Unreached

These are some thoughts that I jotted down from some time spent meditating on Mt 26, Mk 14, Jn 12-the woman with the alabaster jar of nard..they are still in process, and I want to do some exegetical work on the passages. But here is what is on my mind…

I have always puzzled about what this means, I am sure that there are numerous things that you could draw from the passage, but this is something that has come to me recently.

We as pragmatic Americans would not doubt have cried out with the indignant, ‘why this waste?’ It is rational choice economics, bang for the buck. Think of all the poor that could have been helped.

The symbolism that Jesus gave his approval to has in some way to do with his redemptive death.

So there is something here about God’s economics where rational choice does not work and extravagance is appropriate. I am not sure what all this is about but my thoughts are leaning in this direction…

I think that reaching the least-reached, going where the Gospel is not yet rooted, can never be explained in rational choice terms. Where it has to do with making the redemptive death of Jesus known where he is not known, it appears to the bang for the buck crowd an unimaginable and profligate expense to labor where fruit comes so slowly…but it is an extravagance pleasing in God’s eyes.

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