Resources for Mission


This is a diagram I have developed to help people think about the kinds of scenarios that many local churches need to address if they are going to be faithful to the call to make disciples among the ethne. It looks at God’s mission from the perspective of a local church.

The Bandwidth diagram is a tool to help us think about those who are attracted by and can understand our “version” of faith (the bandwidth of those who are easy for us to reach) and then all of the groups that lie outside that bandwidth and which require special efforts to evangelize and in some cases will require planting new churches for that group.


I developed this to help people who are coming into a setting that has very little Christian faith present with the goal of sharing the Gospel and making disciples to help guide them in thinking about the kinds of things they need to be praying about, learning and working on in order to be able to get started.

Ministry Template Tool

This tool has a diagrams for appropriate and inappropriate ways to develop ministry in a new cultural setting. The final page is a worksheet to help people explore their own understanding and practices on a ministry area (such as personal evangelism) and then to explore biblical functions and descriptions. This exercise helps us to untangle what things are coming from our cultural setting so we can focus on biblical functions. As we develop ministry in the new cultural setting, we then work with local Christians and converts to explore these biblical functions and seek appropriate ways to express them in the new setting.